Wide Eyed Vision

Bascom Avenue: The Analogue Streets of Silicon Valley

"Five to see at the Brighton Photo Fringe 2010."
Ben Miller, Culture 24

Google HQ, gluten-free ciabattas and Segway green personal transporters? Not this side of Silicon Valley. Here The Pink Poodle bar, spicy fish tacos and immaculate 1970 Chevys take their place in Bascom Avenue's bohemian, multi-ethnic world.

This photography exhibition reveals a Silicon Valley you wouldn't imagine - an Arabic TV station broadcast from a defunct Art Deco cinema, a vintage comic store, a Pakistani-trained engineer selling classic tailfin automobiles - challenging preconceptions of InfoTech's effect on daily life by turning the lens upon its doorstep.

Bascom Avenue is counter-stereotype, counter-trend: an analogue crossroads in the heart of digital Silicon Valley.